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The Evangelical Lutheran Association for Youth in Finland

The NK (The Evangelical Lutheran Association for Youth in Finland) is a nationwide central and service organization in youth work. The foundation of its work is based on the denomination of the Evangelical Lutheran church. The organization was founded in 1905.

The aim of the organization in its work is to

  • strengthen a young person in his faith in the triune God,
  • support the physical and mental growth of young people and
  • motivate the young to become active members of church and the society.

Member organizations of the NK include local Lutheran parishes and Christian youth associations. The NK serves parishioners and association members in the 15-29 -year age range. The organization indirectly focuses its work on the young by serving the youth work in the parishes.

The young themselves are active in youth work; they take part in camps and youth conferences. The Partaharju camp and conference center in Pieksämäki provides a good setting for camps.

International confirmation training is a special opportunity that NK offers yearly for young people that are of Finnish origin but live abroad and want to get their Confirmation according to the Finnish system. Three groups are available every summer, 25 of the group members come from abroad and the 15 from Finland, altogether making a group of 40 young people. Teaching is available in English and Finnish. The confirmation traning is held at Partaharju .

The NK offers interaction and human relations training for young people, parents and professionals working with youth. NK's training methods include, among others Youth Effectiveness Training (Y.E.T.), Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.), Teacher Effectiveness Training (T.E.T.) and Action for Life training programmes. More info available from Gordon Training International and Action for Excellence International

The NK publishes material for youth work in co-operation with Lasten Keskus (The Evangelical Lutheran Childrens' Centre) and organises the Church Youth Conference every other year. The event brings together approximately 2000 young people and the next time it will be organised in Tampere in May 2015.

The NK also co-ordinates a motivation project focussing on the young adults that aims to strengthen participation of the young in the church. During 2010 NK runs a campaing supporting young voters and candidates in the parish elections at November 2010 as the voting age has been first time lowered to 16 years. 

The NK has strong international connections and is a member of The European Fellowship (EF).